Top 9 YouTube Fitness Guru’s You Need To Check Out

by FITblurb

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    YouTube Fitness Gurus 300x196 Top 9 YouTube Fitness Gurus You Need To Check OutFancy some snazzy videos to help you get fit?

    Yes yes?  Sounds good hey?

    We’ve got our hands on a good list of YouTube fitness guru’s for you to check out!

    Check out some of these to keep your routines fresh and funky then.  Or, if you’re a bit of a fitness junky…check them out to learn more about how to keep your body rocking!

    Top 9 YouTube Fitness Guru’s

    Jeff Cavaliere puts together very tough and challenging workouts.  Try one of his Iron Man routines.  You’ll be panting like a dog in no time.

    Scooby Werkstatt is a living encyclopedia of fitness.  Just check out his YouTube channel or visit his site Scooby’s Workshop and you’ll get a grasp of knowledge this man has.  He’ll explain to the absolutely detail why he does something, what works and what doesn’t.  I really liked his philosophy and realistic approach to bodybuilding.

    Zuzana Light’s workouts are brutal. The best part is that you hardly ever need any gear to perform one of her routines.

    Peter Carvell offers killer ab and cardio workouts.  He really takes the time to share little tidbits on what would make the exercises even more effective.

    Lee Hayward’s workouts and exercises aren’t for the average user.  They are targeted at a serious bodybuilder.  Subscribing to Lee’s channell is still worth it because he delivers great and honest  advice on how to maximize muscle growth.

    Alycia Kluegl’s workouts are just as challenging.  Besides offering routines that will get you nicely toned, she has a number of great uploads covering nutrition.

    Scott Herman gets right to the point.  He jumps right into the routine or exercise and offers great tips on how to achieve nice looking physique along the way.

    Elliott Hulse was suggested by one of my readers in the comments.  He’s got a lot of really good training videos. They’re aimed typically at those looking to build brute strength and put on size.   He also answers viewer’s questions in his videos and delivers information free of clutter and fluff.

    Vince Del Monte’s videos are filled with great fitness tips and challenging workouts. Vince also delivers great advice on life outside the gym.  Although some of his results are questionable, he still provides some good advice.”


    If you reckon we’ve missed anyone off there then get amongst it and leave a comment below dude!  We’re constantly on the look out for new guru’s to learn from and share with you…so let us know who your secret guru ninjas are below!

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      Martin December 23, 2011 at 7:57 pm

      Mike Chang is also pretty good!


      FITblurb December 23, 2011 at 11:27 pm

      Hey Martin…thanks for that. Great suggestion kind sir! Any particular videos that we should check out?


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